Thursday, February 15, 2018

Looking Back

Last August, as we we transitioning from our old blog site to this one, we made several remarks that, in retrospect, were remarkably prescient. Here’s what we had to say:

Lastly, we are aware that Bob Malm sooner or later will visit this site. With that in mind, we have this to say to Bob Malm: 
We are not now, nor ever will be, part to any reconciliation with you. You may be able to lie, bluster, and bully your way out of accountability with others, but we refuse to take part in your games. Nor do we care that we are, "hurting your ministry." Any "ministry" in which your conduct is acceptable is a fool's paradise and not worth having.
*We acknowledge with gratitude the efforts of Bishop Shannon and other diocesan officials in attempting to resolve this conflict, but believe that Bob Malm has walked away with next to no accountability for his despicable actions. We further believe that, were he able to do so and get away with it, Bob Malm would readily again engage in conduct of the sort described in this blog.

Today, in light of Bob Malm’s efforts to pick words out of context from this blog, and claim that he somehow is threatened, we see how true these words were.  Bob continues to deny, to accuse others, to make statements of questionable veracity, and to show that he is a priest in name only. He does so with no consideration for the effect that his actions have on the parish, its reputation, or the wellbeing of his parishioners. It’s all about Bob and his personal vendetta, and the fact that more than two years later he still is trying to cause problems for a dying woman and her family shows that he is morally bankrupt. He is a role model for how Christians should not respond to conflict.

Or, as a friend of ours who is clergy asked, “Where is Jesus in all of this?” The answer is that Jesus has nothing to do with Bob’s actions.