Thursday, February 8, 2018

Taking Things Out of Context

How many times have you said, “I’m going to kill that little so-and-so?” Or, “I am gonna wring his scrawny neck?” If you have had kids, lots of times. Of course, no one takes these things seriously.

In Bob Malm’s case, he has taken even more innocuous things, like our long-time nicknames, and tried to claim that these are threats that create a reasonable threat of imminent harm. At the same time, he has bolstered his efforts by going around, playing shuttle diplomacy, and claiming that he is scared, thus encouraging others to think the same. In this, Bob is both facially dishonest and disingenuous, for he usually tilts towards magical thinking in the other direction. Like thinking he is invincible.

In so doing, Bob also trades on his role as a priest, at least in name. He recognizes that people instinctively believe clergy, and that our legal system is  protective of clergy who claim to fear for their safety, even when such fears are clearly nonsensical and fictitious,

Our belief? Of all Bob’s various forms of malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance, this is the worst. Bob’s actions reflect badly on him, the vestry, the church and the diocese. People in bars throughout Virginia are laughing their backsides off; at best, Bob looks like a clueless old guy who is irrelevant. At worst, Bob looks like what he is—a vile, vicious, vindictive and dishonest person who is a priest in name only.

Plus, Bob’s efforts to make a dying woman’s blog look somehow threatening only make things worse. Still worse is his deliberate conflation of comments critical of his conduct with criminal or threatening behavior.

We also believe that folks at Disgrace church are smart enough to know when they are being played, and smart enough to know a bogus “threat” when they see it. Folks, in case no one else has said it to you, let us be the first: Bob Malm is abusing your trust.

Bob Malm surely is a lowlife scumbag.