Job Performance Issues

Bob Malm's performance as rector is, as The Donald would say, "Bad. Really bad." Specifically:
  • Eroding the role of the vestry, surrounding himself with sycophants, and turning the vestry into a rubber stamp.
  • Permitting persons under his control to refer to our family members as, "Unbalanced." Even were that true, that's not an appropriate pastoral response. It also is defamatory. 
  • Permitting a parishioner (also husband of a staff member) to threaten to interfere with the employment of a family member.
  • Ignoring multiple complaints from staff and laity alike about bullying and workplace harassment; permitting parish employees to engage in abusive and inappropriate behavior towards parishioners.
  • Fighting tooth and nail against demands for accountability.
  • Refusing to fulfill the administrative aspects of his job, including responsibility for supervising staff and ensuring adequate upkeep of the property. Of the latter, Bob has said that he has "neither the time nor the interest." Must be good to be able to pick and choose those aspects of your job that you feel like doing.
  • Failing to ensure that there is strategic plan for the church.
  • Failing to insist on the development of a finance manual (required by denominational policy).
  • Failing to conduct an annual mutual ministry review.
  • Permitting irrelevant "annual reviews," of his own work performance and that of staff.
  • Repeatedly lying about the employment status of church employees to vestry members in order to avoid addressing complaints about unacceptable work performance. Specifically, on multiple occasions Bob Malm told vestry members, "Don't worry about it. They'll be retiring this year." Given that he said this multiple times, over the course of multiple years, Bob knew that his statements were false.
  • Abusing the power of his position by directing church staff, clergy and volunteers to engage in shunning.
  • Appointing executive committee members not qualified to serve under church canons. Thus, insurance coverage for these persons, or any acts or omissions of theirs, likely is not available under the church's director and officer insurance policy. This exposes the church and the individuals involved to potential personal liability.
  • Lying about the appointment of executive committee members, claiming that there is a vetting process. That begs the question: If that is the case, then why are ineligible candidates being asked to serve?
  • Permitting hoarding and other shocking and outrageous conduct in the church offices.
None of these issues are new. In the words of one former assistant rector, "Bob has been getting away with murder for years." No kidding.