Miscellaneous Issues

Over the years, we have seen numerous troubling issues with Bob Malm's behavior, not neatly fitting within other categories:
  • Tons of superficial charm, used to avoid responsibility for his actions.
  • Engaging is passive-aggressive behavior, which he uses as a subtle form of bullying.
  • Subtly playing parishioners against each other, thus stirring up conflict in the parish.
  • Making inappropriate, derisive comments about others.
  • Repeatedly failing to act in the best interests of the parish.
  • Confusing expressions of concern about issues within the parish with personal attacks.
  • Engaging in noisy outbursts of anger/profanity when concerns are raised about his conduct. It is our opinion that this conduct is consistent with narcissistic personality disorder.
  • Yelling, "Why should I give a f***?," when questioned about the unhappy departure of former parish leaders from the church.
  • Abusing his authority be removing parishioners from leadership positions who have questioned his conduct.
  • Displaying what we believe is a Jekyll and Hyde personality. One side is friendly, affirming, and charming; the other is unbelievably evil, vile, petty and vindictive. We believe the friendly side is an act. The evil side is reality.
  • Trying to bullying and intimidate critics. For instance, last December, Bob contacted a prominent blogger who had covered the parish, and noisily accused her of defamation and, "not caring about the truth." When she basically told him to buzz off, Bob switched gears and tried to "nice his way" out of things.
  • Avoiding responsibility at all costs. It is our belief that Bob Malm will try to brush things off, lie, offer up non-apologies, kick the can down the road and more to avoid accountability. We believe this sort of behavior is indicative of other, larger, more serious issues.
  • Because Bob Malm appoints the entire executive committee, he and he alone is responsible for breakdowns in church governance and misconduct by church clergy and staff.
In summary, we are greatly troubled by Bob Malm's behavior over time.